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New Product Showcase

Round Fabric Salt Dome

Company: Bulk Storage Inc.
Booth #437
Round tensioned fabric Road Salt Storage Shed. Combining the efficiency of a dome with the cost savings of a fabric structure.

ForceAmericaSSC6100 Control System

Company: FORCE America
Booth #519
Our next generation SSC6100 Control System is the industry-leading integrated CAN Bus joystick and spreader controller. Embedded within the 10” color LCD, this controller comes fully equipped with camera integration and PreCise MRM cellular and GPS technologies greatly reducing the footprint of components within the cab.

HendersonBrineXtreme Clean

Company: Henderson Products
Booth #301
BrineXtreme Clean is a true continuous brine making machine. Undissolved fines and solids are automatically and continuously removed during brine production. The BrineXtreme Clean can be operated with our Pro controls (with up to 6,000 GPH output) or our Ultimate controls (with up to 10,000 GPH output). Perfect salinity accurate to 0.001 specific gravity is guaranteed with either system.


Company: Left Hand Robotics
Booth #1042
The SnowBot Pro is the first commercial-class self-driving snow clearing robot

RPM469Cameleon Series 2 - Tracked Sidewalk Plow

Company: RPM Tech
Booth #419
The New Cameleon® Series 2 has all the key features for outstanding performance. The combination of its powerful Tier 4 engine, robust track system, and ideal weight produces an unequaled pushing power. Whether on a thick layer of snow or sloped terrain, it can push greater load without sliding. Suitable for narrow sidewalks and pathways.

SnowLionIce Breaking and Snow Removal System

Company: Snow Lion
Booth #315
A next-generation ice-breaking system. Incorporating a shovel and auger system, alongside the ice-breaking wheels, this system can be ran autonomous.

XYNTHWinter Warrior Enviro LEADer Icemelter

Company: XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp.
Booth #1138
Winter Warrior Enviro LEADer Icemelter is the Superior ECO Deicer, designed specifically to be used around all GREEN buildings and properties, where there are environmental or corrosion concerns. The product is very effective and powerful down to temperatures as low as -20°C (-6°F).  Enviro LEADer is readily biodegradable at lower temperatures  and safe on the environment.  Also, it does not chemically harm or alter concrete. Sold in bags of 44 lb (20kg) it is a viable alternative to pure CMA.

ThumpPadCle1Thump Pad

Company: Yeu Patch LLC
Booth #1031
The Thump Pad is a shock-absorbing pad used to patch large potholes. This is the only immediate, reusable and all-weather pothole repair product available.


Bosch Rexroth
Booth #933
The Rexroth CS-524 controller is designed for two axis ground-speed related spreader applications (open or closed loop conveyor), with an intergrated 2-axis joystick to support up to 4 on-off double acting cylinder functions, such as Plow and Hoist.  Five built-in switches can be used for auxiliary functions.  This compact controller eliminates the need for additional joystick or switch consoles, as well as external hydraulic valve drivers, for applications with this number of actuators.


Neo Treks, Inc.
Booth #340
Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your snow plowing operations using PlowOps. PlowOps is a new, low-cost SaaS software product for snow plowing operations. PlowOps makes it easy to plan for the upcoming storm by sending out route assignments to your operators. During the storm, you can track your plows and get real-time road and weather conditions via the reporting functions and monitor progress using your web-based dashboard. All this is done using your smartphone or tablet under a low monthly fee - there is no specialized hardware or software to purchase and maintain.  

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